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WantItAll.co.za 5995421 offers

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Birdfly Portable Air Conditioner MINI Circulator Cooler Tower Fan White

----------------------------------------------------- 8) Item specifics (8 -------------- Creat a personal cooling zone Cools temperature of personal space by up to 12 degrees Strong wind but Quiet...

Brand: Birdfly

Category:  Air Conditioners

R1 600.00

Natural Vivid 2 Cream XXXL 10+ Inches Penis Enlargement Hormone Cream 3OZ

POWERFUL XXXL 10+ INCHES PENIS ENLARGEMENT HORMONE SUPER FAST GROWTH CREAM New tissue and muscle growth is possible in the penis. The average penis size is 5 inches. Imagine going from

R2 000.00

YOUYA DENTAL Youya 4 Times Dental Model Study Implant Analysis Crown Bridge Demonstration Teeth Model For Education Transparent

Features: Removable teeth crown to expose the roots and implant fixture. Both natural teeth (premolar and molar) are removable (crown and root). Removable implant crown and abutment. Usage:For Dental...

Brand: Youya Dental

Category:  DIY Hardware

R1 470.00

Fasco Epoxies Inc. Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating - 1 Gallon Kit

Tough, resilient coating with negligible shrinkage. Fast cure. Can be pigmented any color. Strong adhesion to wood, metal, concrete, fiberglass, foam, etc. Good chemical resistance

Brand: Fasco Epoxies Inc.

Category:  Sunglasses

R2 415.00

Sennheiser PC 8 USB Headphones

Whether you want to talk over the internet, listen to your favorite music or get a thrill from action-packed PC games, the PC 8 USB headset delivers the dynamic stereo sound you

Brand: Sennheiser

Category:  Headsets

R2 070.00

Hamilton Bread Machine Maker Instruction Manual & Recipes

This is a New Comb-Bound Paper COPY of Manual and Recipes.


Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-room Keyboard

The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K830 Living-Room was designed to give you the best television entertainment. It is the best way to control your Smart TV wirelessly, and an absolute Must for the

Brand: Logitech

Category:  Keyboards

R3 415.00

JinJin Women Hip Lift Buttock Massage Essential Oil Buttocks Up Butt Enlargement 1.76OUNCE Browm

?Ingredients: Women Hip Lift Buttock Massage Essential Oil Buttocks Up Butt Enlargement SexyFeatures:100% new high quality.Net Content: 10ml Ingredient:Sage, juniper, green foxtail, lemon, geranium ,...

Brand: Jinjin

Category:  Haircare


Microsoft KM-M2000WD 2000 Wireless Desktop

Microsoft desktop 2000 Wireless Dsp pack , with 128bit AES ( Advanced Encryption Standard ) , pillow-textured palm rest , 3 buttons wireless mouse with bluetrack technology ( works on virtually any

Brand: Microsoft

Category:  Keyboard & Mouse

R2 160.00

Exte Teeth Top Cosmetic Veneer Denture Ren Instant Smile Comfort Fit Flex Cosmetic Teeth Denture Teeth Top Cosmetic Veneer Comfo

Feature:A special custom made mould works to disguise crooked, stained, missing and gapped teeth.Is a great alternative to expensive braces.Beautiful dentures make you more smileSize:One sizeMaterial:...

Brand: Exte

Category:  Haircare


Festnight Galvanized Steel Garden Fence Clipped Concertina Nato Razor Wire Ribbon Barbed Wire Fencing Wire LENGTH:328' Coil DIAM

Introduction: This NATO razor wire, suitable for all types of outdoor use, will be a perfect choice for protecting your garden or commercial property. It could even be used to

Brand: Festnight

Category:  Garden Accessories

R2 125.00

The Sims 4 PC

The Sims 4 is the fourth major title in the life simulation video game series The Sims. Developed by The Sims Studio and published by Electronic Arts, The Sims 4 was originally

Brand: Electronic Arts

Category:  Games

R1 070.00

META_AOT Insect Fly Bug Mosquito Door Window Net Netting Mesh Screen Sticky Velcro Tape

Size:Appro 130cm X 180cm /51" X 71" Velcro tape length: About 550cm Color: White, transparent when fitted Package included: 1 X Insect Window Net 1 X Velcro Tape Directions: 1.Clean the frame

Brand: Meta_aot

Category:  Educational


FILMGOO Window Film One Way Privacy Mirror Window Film Window Heat Control Flim Kit Anti-uv Static Glass Films Non-adhesive Wind

Parameter--IR rejection: 85%; UV rejection: 97%; VLT: 10%;thickness of 0.15mm.Mirror effect--The mirror effect we said means it has a slightly reflective effect, not totally like a mirror.Remarks:1.On...

Brand: Filmgoo

Category:  Educational


KKONION 2 Pcs Covers L Shaped Sofa Universal Elastic Stretch Corner Sofa Covers Modern Sectional Sofa Covers Solid Color

The Default Delivery Time is About 10-15 Business Days,Usually Get the Items in About 12 days.2 Pcs Covers for L Shaped Sofa Universal Elastic Stretch Corner Sofa Covers Modern Sectional Sofa Covers

Brand: Kkonion

Category:  Educational

R2 800.00

OLizee Pure Water Distiller All Stainless Steel Internal Purifier Filter Effective 4 L

Compared to the old distiller old plastic cap can be easily deformed after using period of time. And the plastic filter/cup will be dissolved in long term use. Plastic fan blade is

Brand: Olizee

Category:  Educational

R2 360.00

Dlh Western Real Barbed Wire 25FT 18 Gauge

Real Barbed Wire 25ft 18 Gauge

Brand: Dlh Western

Category:  Sunglasses


JBL Go 2 Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Gray

Grab and GoThe JBL GO 2 is a full-featured waterproof Bluetooth speaker to take with you everywhere. Wirelessly stream music via Bluetooth for up to 5 hours of continuous JBL quality sound.

Brand: Jbl

Category:  Handheld Electronics

R1 490.00

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Nice way to import products from the USA
by justin Drennan on 27 Feb 2018

Used the service to help import a number of products from the USA. They took care of everything and it took around 10 days to get my items. All good.

by Angelika Niemanski on 01 Feb 2012

I am hesitant to use the company again as I did not receive a satisfactory explanation from them why I received the incorrect goods and did not receive the goods in original packaging.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused, was the issue ever resolved? Please can you send me your order number as I would like to see what happened here and why you received your order in the state you did. Thanks.

I think this is a bit of a scam
by chanel on 06 Oct 2010

I tried to buy curling irons. After ordering, paying and sending proof of payment, I get told that they can not import electrical goods, perfumes, skin care products, health care products etc from the USA. That is their entire catalogue. When I asked why do they still advertise these products they replied that their IT department do not know how to remove items.

A service level not seen often
by Hendrik Laubscher on 01 May 2009

I purchased a Apple iPod 8GB from WantItAll.co.za. I always knew what the status of my order was, emailed them and got a speedy reply and will shop with them again.

by Lycanthrope on 20 Sep 2008

It\'s wonderful to know that they import things we can\'t find anywhere else. But I had a bad experience with them where I received a pathetic second-hand and damaged item. I understand it\'s my fault for not whining about it to them, but I didn\'t see the point and was just fed up.

by Devin Nunns on 16 Apr 2008

I really like the concept of this shop, its brilliant! you find something overseas that you want but you cant order because the company doesn't ship to South Africa, And wantitall will get it for you! That's a brilliant idea, it really is! But i think it just doesn't work! I have tried to purchase from this shop so many times but have not once succeeded. I have ordered things about 5 times and everytime they were out of stock. After the fourth time i decided to play it smart and email them to ask if the product i was ordering was in stock. They informed that it was and i put in my order. The next day i got an email telling me that the item was not in stock. Now This isn't the end of the world - you order something and it turns out to be unavailable, it happens all the time. The problems is that each time you order something you have to pay for it first! So you give them your hard earned cash, they cant do anything until the cash is in their account, Takes about 2 days, then they discover that the item is out of stock so they inform you and ask you if you would like your money back. You say, "yes" and it takes another 2 days to get back to you. So all in all you sit without your money for about 5 days. So you are unable to try and buy your product else where because want it all have your money. So i'm afraid that i'm not too happy about them. But maybe if things improve they will eventually win my favour.

by WILLIE on 26 Mar 2008

It is 15% cheaper at a jewel store

by dessie on 29 Feb 2008

it is the cheapest i have found

by Dissapointed on 01 Feb 2008

I am shocked at the prices of most of the skin care products. A friend \"imported\" her own products from USA, and paid far less than what wantitall asks for the same products. Now I know you have to put a markup to show a profit, but I have done a lot of checking up on what it would cost the \"customers\" to just \"import\" for themselves, and it does seem much more economical, than to get (whatever the product may be) from an actual store here in S.A. that offers to get it for them. The waiting for the item/s to arrive is just a bit longer, but the savings are immense. Otherwise, I do have to commend you for the variety you carry in your store.

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